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Acer palmatum 'Trompenburg' in spring!

There are some really great places to visit on the Net, and we've collected a few ourselves. These are not obligatory links, but rather places that offer knowledge, excitement, entertainment and thought-provoking times. Enjoy.

Stop by John Shelley's Garden Center & Nursery website for some of the most eye-popping marketing, water gardens, trough gardens, alpine perennials, hardy cactus and a weekly Journal that tells you bluntly what he thinks. He's been a customer of ours for years.

Stop by the Triple Oaks Garden Center website for some real nice plants in the Philadelphia, South Jersey area.

Plant Societies or Associations

The Conifer Society
The Maple Society
International Plant Propagators Society
American Boxwood Society
American Rose Society
American Horticultural Society

Botanical Gardens and Arboreta

The Arnold Arboretum ... Jamacia Plain, MA
Tower Hill Botanical Garden ... Boylston, MA
Chanticleer Gardens... Wayne, PA.
The University of Deleware... Newark, DE.
Longwood Gardens... Kennet Square, PA.
The New York Botanic Garden... Bronx, NY.
North Carolina Botanic Garden... Chapel Hill, NC.
The Morris Arboretum... Chestnut Hill, PA.
The Scott Arboretum... Swathmore, PA.
The Tyler Arboretum... Media, PA.
The U.S. National Arboretum... Washington, DC.
The Morton Arboretum... Chicago, IL.
Hidden Lake Gardens... Tipton, MI.
Holden Arboretum... Kirtland, OH.

State Universities or Cooperative Extension Services

Rutgers University Extension... New Brunswick, NJ.
Penn State Extension... State College, PA.
University of Deleware Extension... Newark, DE.
Ohio State University... Columbus, OH.
Cornell University... Ithaca, NY.
Or read a great article about dwarf conifers by me, Jim Smith, your host here at Blue Sterling Nursery.

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