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F or Collectors Only

It starts innocently enough. You spot a particularly appealing plant at your independent garden center. Maybe it's a weeping cultivar of a tree you already have in your yard, or a dwarf version of a tree you remember from childhood. You proudly display your find to your husband, only to have him smile and say, "That's nice." Not every spouse understands this love for plants. If you're like us, you read garden magazines, watch gardening programs on television, and even call plants by their botanical names. Soon, you are sneaking plants into the garden, reluctant to share your finds with your loved one. You are hooked. You have become a plant collector. If that sounds like you, we think you'll enjoy this section of our newsletter. Read the inside stories of some of the world's best and rarest plants, all available at Blue Sterling Nursery. Some of these will include the history of the cultivars, some the growth habit and others just a cool story from which the plant derives its strange name. I will be adding other interesting articles all under the title of For Collectors Only so please bookmark this page for future stories.